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Line Between Beliefs And Knowledge Essay

  • Submitted by: kitsuluvsanime
  • on November 8, 2011
  • Category: Social Issues
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It is necessary to at least attempt to draw a line between beliefs and knowledge because some people confuse their beliefs for certainties, something they know without a doubt, instead of using coherence to assess their beliefs. Is there in fact a way of knowing that is better than the others regardless of the topic at hand? Will one become more knowledgeable from the “mastery” of one way of knowledge as opposed to another? I consider perception and emotion to be more effective, although none of the ways of knowledge are completely effective in any case.
Using reason requires you to draw on past knowledge and experiences, those things you already know or have been told, but might not be entirely sure of. For example, the word belief has always been one I automatically associate with the word faith, most likely because of my Christian background. Í define faith as believing without seeing or perceiving. Therefore there is no solid evidence of these beliefs and they cannot be true knowledge. However, my Christian upbringing also taught me that everything I was told from the Bible is from God and is good and true. In fact it is a standard by which everyone should base their actions. Although it would seem silly and unreasonable to blindly trust the words of the people who told me this, my reasoning that a belief cannot be true knowledge is based on the definition I was taught through language by the same people. I still cannot be entirely sure of how true this definition is. Faith is also defined simply as allegiance to a person or duty. I can have faith in my parents, faith that they will take care of me. Language is just as ineffective as reasoning because we cannot be completely sure that what we are told is true.
I consider emotion to be more effective in distinguishing between beliefs and knowledge because emotions are a natural response that we cannot control. It is based on our perception of the world and nothing else. When we hear a strange or unidentified...

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