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Maturity for College Entering adulthood can be stressful and begin early in one’s life. Within American Culture, attaining a college degree is the status quo of our nation’s individuals. Many college students like me have felt the pressure deciding what to do after high school. Some young adults get married, enter the arm forces, get into vocational schools, or like most go to college. Linda Lee, an editor and writer of the New York Times, writes an article to the Time’s newspaper, based on her book, Why Your Child May Not Have to Go to College Right Now- And May Not Ever Have to Go(2000). The article, called “Who needs College,” by Lee, suggests that to become successful in life; college right after graduating high school is not for all…show more content…
For example, Lee notes that America has the second best percentage of people with degrees worldwide behind Australia, and that, “only 27 percent of Americans have a bachelor’s degree” (Lee 28). However, the journalist notes that only about a quarter of college students who start at a four year university, actually graduate with at least a bachelor’s degree within their first six years. In addition, the author debates that the tuition cost for college is extremely high, when more than half of the students can not finish their college requirements. Furthermore, Lee suggests that there are other resources to succeed in life without a degree. In the article, she shows that her hair colorist makes hundreds of thousands of dollars a year; who does not have a college degree. In addition, the author also implies that graduating does not have to mean earning a degree, but to accomplish something, or excel through ranks. As a result, Lee reasons that there are many alternatives for higher education right after high school. She feels that a lot of high school graduates need to mature, value the pennies in a dollar, and learn life skills before entering…show more content…
How well does the thesis work to control the essay? Think about the sample critique that you read in the Hacker text and the discussion of a thesis statement in the text. Do you have any recommendations for the writer? The thesis for this essay should make a judgment about the article "Who Needs College?" or "Can We Afford Gay Marriage." If it fails to make a judgment, it needs some revision. -I feel that the thesis did it’s purpose on controlling the essay because my peer talked about own personal experience, personal feelings towards the subject, and discussed the author’s view. The author used her son as an example of college not be right for students straight after high school and my peer made that a topic for discussion. I do not have any recommendations inregards to the thesis for the essay because I think the thesis controlled the essay well. Organization: Consider the suggested organization strategy on the assignment sheet. Did the writer include all the suggested parts (introduction, summary, assessment, response, and conclusion)? Do you have any recommendations about the overall organization? Are the topic sentences clear and easy to follow? Do the topic sentences help us understand the

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