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Lincon Essay

  • Submitted by: sammara
  • on May 18, 2013
  • Category: History
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Lincoln essay
In my opinion Lincoln wanted to end slavery because it was unfair. He saw that African Americans believed in him as much or more than white men. He believed it was morally wrong to have slaves. He didn’t have much schooling but he specks so wise and has a lot of knowledge.
As we can see At the beginning of the movie we see Lincoln talking to two African Americans who served in the war, and they went on to say that they loved his speech and one of them even quoted the end of his speech. This movie shows us how much we need rescuing. Lincoln and his contemporaries debated the moral merits of ending slavery now or ending the war now.
Lincoln and Thaddeus Stevens were not that different ,they both believed that slavery should be abolished. Stevens and Lincoln are almost equal players in the fulfilling of the American promise, that all men are created equal in the eyes of the law. They don’t like each other but they had the same goals.
Just as instrumental as Lincoln in getting the 13th Amendment passed was Thaddeus Stevens. Stevens pushed to get Lincoln to move faster on emancipation. Lincoln, the great politician, knows he can only move so fast or he will lose the war to the border states. Stevens believed African Americans were equal among the races. He actually had to temper his stance in order to convince members of his own party and a few Democrats to vote for the Amendment. And Lincoln had to bribe outgoing Democrats to vote for the 13th Amendment with patronage jobs. I personally thinks that Stevens was much stronger leader than Lincoln when it comes to pass the amendment.

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