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The Lincoln Index makes several assumptions that must be met if the estimate is to be accurate. These assumptions are: A.) The population of organisms must be closed, no immigration or emigration. B.) The time between samples must be small compared to the life span of the organism C). The marked organisms must mix completely with the rest of the population during the time between sampling. MATERIALS: paper bags dry beans colored markers PROCEDURE: EXPERIMENT 1 1.) The paper bag represents the habitat of your model population. Add several handfuls (3-4) of dry beans to the habitat. The beans represent your organisms in your habitat. NOTE: Do not try to count the exact number of beans until the end of the experiment. 2.) Remove a small handful of beans from the model habitat. This handful will be your first sample. The sample should be at least 20 beans but less than half the total population. 3.) Using a colored marker, mark all organisms in this first population. Mark them well enough to be easily identified if recaptured. Count the beans and record this number as N1 for trial 1 in Experiment 1 on the data sheet. Let the marks dry on the beans. 4.) Place the beans from your first sample (N1) back into the habitat. Mix them well. 5.) Without looking, one member of the group should remove another handful of beans. The sample size should be about the same as the original. Count the total number of beans in the second capture. This is your N2 value for trial 1. Notice that some of the beans will have the marking from the first capture. Count these organisms and record this number as R for trial 1. 6.) Return the organisms to their habitat. Mix well. 7.) Repeat steps 5 and 6 nine more times giving you a total of ten trials or ten

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