Lincoln Hospital Analysis

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Running head: LINCOLN HOSPITAL GROUP CASE STUDY ANALYSIS 1 Lincoln Hospital Group Case Study Analysis Organizational Change and Development HRD-520 Angela Bachtel William Kenneth Ditto Andrees Rivers Santino Viselli McDaniel College Spring 2014 LINCOLN HOSPITAL GROUP CASE STUDY ANALYSIS|2| Third party interventions are defined as “activities aimed at helping two or more people within the same organization to resolve interpersonal conflicts” (Cummings & Worley, 2009, p. 755). This intervention was employed as the primary solution used for the issues experienced within the Lincoln Hospital. Lincoln Hospital is a non-profit organization which had staffing, team work and productivity challenges in the OR department which focused on the deterioration of the working relationship between two organizational leaders, the new chief of surgery, Don, and the OR director, Mary. Both leaders had valuable assets to contribute to the larger staffing groups under their supervision and therefore were essential to retain, however, the inability for these two administrators to operate as a team reflected negatively on the OR nurses and surgeons. While the intervention utilized was successful, tensions still lingered between Don and Mary. This reaffirms a need for future improvements. As a result, this paper will examine how the OD process was utilized to explore the issues, interventions, solutions, and next steps necessary to resolve the organizational challenges existing within the Lincoln Hospital. When entering into an OD relationship with a new client, it is vital to have a complete understanding of the organization and situation that is being dealt with. This is why the entering and contracting phase of this relationship is so important. Working through the details of this part of the OD services will ensure that both the client and the

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