Lincoln Electric Essay

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Lincoln Electric company management had policy and rules which were based on rewarding hardworking people providing quality of work. Not even they had guaranteed jobs for employees but incentive balanced to their work and quality. In this kind setup any hardworking person who wants to give his or her 100% to the company will get rewarded not only in terms of financial but even on status. Employees take ownership of work and get sincere when they are recognized for their work and appreciated in different ways and also when employee has understanding that he or she has guaranteed job as long as basic requirements are fulfilled and they won’t be laid off in tough times. Management also kept very close personal touch with professionalism to help any individual employee’s personal life problem. I think by not creating special designated parking areas or any separate areas for top executives of company sent a message that all are equal regardless of which department they work and what they do and everybody could perform any job as required at times. Overall I will call Lincoln Electric as employee friendly company for their management style and being fair in compensation and driving motivation for employees due to above factors. Lincoln Electric management style also comes with drawbacks as guaranteed job means during times of lower sales they couldn’t lay off any employee and it could lead to financial burden though they had some different ideas to utilize employees during downtimes. Also due to similar policy they could not hire temporary workers during need of increased demand for products and that caused competitors to have advantage over sales. Lincoln management policy of hiring from within left lot of talented and trained pool of people out of hiring process which could in fact cause company some lost talented workers to other companies. Management also did not

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