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Lincoln and Slavery Essay

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  • on August 28, 2014
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Below is an essay on "Lincoln and Slavery" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

Lincoln and Slavery
LaToya Davis

In this essay I will discuss and the address the following questions: What was Lincoln's position on slavery?, and What actions did he take during the Civil War that directly affected slaves?

President Lincoln and slavery is a very hard topic to write on because its not a straight answer. I say this because even though Lincoln believed that all men should be created equally and that slavery was morally wrong he was torn because of Constitution. At first he didn’t know how to address the problem of slavery because of the clause (three-fifths clause) of how slaves could be counted for representation. So Lincoln was not an abolitionist only because he did not know what should be done. And abolitionists know exactly what is right from wrong. From this weeks readings and my own research it was implied that Lincoln believed in “all men are created equal” and also thought that, that included white people and black people but, he also believed that black people should bot have the same civil rights as white people. President Lincoln felt restricted because the Constitution protected slavery in so many words. Luckily President Lincolns views and beliefs evolved during his presidency.
As far as President Lincoln's actions during the Civil War directly affecting slavery, I would have to say the Emancipation Proclamation. Even though it didn’t down right free the slaves it helped. Lincoln knew that the northern states or the border slave states would not support him if he used abolition as a tool. With the slaves running away and joining the invading armies Lincoln thought that they were in turn being offered freedom (in so many words). Lincoln then in return ( after the victory in Antietam) declared that in all rebellious states that “shall be then thenceforward, and forever free” (slaves). So basically as a slave you be free if you...

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