Linclon Case Essay

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Question 1. If I had been called by the Lincoln Hospital president to resolve the problems described by the case, I would change several things. The case is not very descriptive of the contracting process between the OD consultant and the hospital president. It started describing the communication between the president and the OD consultant, and the latter had no chance to contact the OR director Mary of the new surgery chief Don that were directly involved in the conflict (Boss et al, 1990). The problem was only overviewed by the president, and the expectation of the OD consultant was that he will eventually find the roots of Don-Mary malfunction and resolve them successfully. Little information was provided regarding the deadline for the required resolution (Cummings & Worley, 2005). The only condition that was set in the very beginning was the employment need for both Don and Mary. The list of acceptable/non-acceptable solutions was not provided. The outcome of the contracting process was set as an effective decision about how to make the necessary efforts, determining the resources required in order to complete the tasks and record the risks, assumptions and constraints. The contract guarantees that all parties conduct an agreement about the necessary resources, support and commitments. There are several suggestions on how to establish an efficient contract that would suit all parties better. The contracting process should be approached by determining how exactly the OD process should flow. The contracting process should embrace all parties along with both Mary and Don. It ensures that all of them make their contribution into the process and express their expectations of the process and its most wanted outcomes, set the basic guidelines/rules for all the parties to follow, and make agreements about the time and resources that would be spent to fulfill the
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