Limiting the Amount of Homework

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Is this a serious question? Does anyone really think that students would want more homework, when they have the option to have less work? With a limited amount of homework, schoolchildren would get more free time, time to study for exams, and it would prevent a lot of unnecessary stress. Kids and teens need more time in their lives to relax or study, so why waste it on excessive amounts of homework? With a limited amount of busy schoolwork, students have more free time so they are free to actually have a real life outside of school. This extra time makes room for extracurricular activities such as sports, clubs, arts, and more. For instance, I have cheerleading for two hours pretty much every day. When I arrive at my house around seven or seven-thirty, dinner is ready so I have to eat. Then after dinner, take a shower, start pointless homework, and then I have to study. By the time I start studying it is about nine-thirty or ten at night, and when somebody is too tired, him or her cannot concentrate properly. If homework was limited, I would start studying about an hour earlier, therefore I can have the sleep I need and more study time. Additionally, children will have more time to spend with their beloved families, instead of up in their room all night doing homework. At the dinner table for instance, every child usually rushes through dinner or even brings their dinner up to their rooms to start their homework. Dinner is the time of the day that families can get together and discuss the day, weekend plans, school, work, extra activities, basically anything. Homework takes away precious family bonding time. Furthermore, if the homework was confined students would have excess time to hangout and play with their friends, to just be kids. Along with more free time, students would also receive a superfluous amount of time to study and prepare

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