Limit to Tolerance Essay

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“I will never risk my neck saving you.” Anamika shouted furiously, “I have tolerated enough Sachi. I cannot anymore.” Ganesh was on the hospital bed for the first time ever in his fifty five years of life in this „beautiful world‟. Anamika was six years younger than Ganesh, but they made a perfect couple. Perfect in the sense that they were there for each other whenever either of them needed the other. They never exhibited their love, but always loved and respected each other immensely. Sachi was Anamika‟s younger sister who always took undue advantage of her sister‟s kind and caring nature. Anamika was four years old when Sachi was born. She was extremely excited to have a little sister to play with. She had a lot of affection towards Sachi. As the two sisters grew, Anamika‟s love for Sachi remained the same but Sachi‟s dislike towards Anamika started increasing. Sachi never wanted to share anything with her sister. She wanted everything for herself. Anamika was anyway matured enough to understand her sister. She caressed her. She took the blame for Sachi‟s mistakes. She took care that Sachi studied well. When Sachi wanted to become a doctor and their parents weren‟t for it, Anamika took all the pain in convincing her parents about Sachi‟s interest. But finally it turned out that Sachi took the opportunity for granted and didn‟t make use of it. Her careless attitude resulted in her failure in her board exams. Anamika saved Sachi from the wrath of her parents‟ anger. Sachi finally completed her degree with the help of distance education. Anamika became a lawyer by then. She was doing well and earning for herself. Sachi was getting jealous of her sister. On the other hand Anamika was concerned about her sister. She wanted her sister also to be in a good position in life. She suggested Sachi to study B.Ed so that she could get a government job.

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