Limit Of Man's Endurance In Birdsong

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The theme “The limit of man’s endurance” means to what extent someone can be pushed both physically and mentally. What does it mean to push someone over their limit? The texts I have selected have shown their characters’ endurance to their limits. I think that humans are pushed to their limits to see how far they can go and to see if they can go any further. Introduction In the first text “Eragon”, written by Christopher Paolini, Eragon grew up on his uncle's farm in Carvahall. While hunting in the mountains, a magical explosion leads to the discovery of a blue stone. This stone turns out to be a dragon egg and hatches into a dragon, turning Eragon into the first dragon rider after the Fall of Dragon Riders. The second text “Birdsong”,…show more content…
He is considered cold and distant officer by his men. He refuses all offers for an honourable discharge and is committed to see the end of the war. Preparing for Battle of the Somme, Stephen is forced to join the tunnellers. Even though he is claustrophobic, he forces himself to enter the tunnels. He is also confronted with another fear, Due to a childhood memory, Stephen is also afraid of birds. Even though the tunnellers use canaries to detect gas, Stephen still enters the tunnels. After a fire fight with Germans in the tunnels, he is gravely injured and left for dead with the other dead…show more content…
However, with Brom’s teachings, Eragon matures quickly, recognizing his mistakes, improving and learning new skills. “Then Eragon felt the battle change. Blow by blow he gained advantage; Brom's parries slowed and he lost ground.” As Eragon starts to hold his own against his master, we see that his powers are maturing, just like Eragon himself. When Eragon fully matures, he sees that he himself is the key in the war and gives up revenge. In “Birdsong” Stephen is forced into conditions that most people wouldn’t dream to be in. For Stephen, though, his paradoxical nature forces him to face his constantly fear. This is fully shown when Stephen is trapped in a tunnel and has to recover a canary. Stephen has a fear of birds from childhood and thus had a recurring dream. Facing his fears, he enters the tunnels multiple times. His paradoxical nature means that he would continue to fight in the war to stop it. In “Avatar” Jake is forced to fight against his own race. After experiencing Na’vi life, Jake believes that the humans are the ones that are wrong. After Jake breaks out of solitary confinement by the humans, Jake risks everything by taming the Great Leonopteryx, a feat only five have done before him, to win the trust of the Omaticaya. Jake becomes the Toruk Makto (Rider of the Last Shadow) to unite the Na’vi

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