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Limewire Legal Issue Essay

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Business Law I (BA 481A)
Assignment: Law & Business Paper

The Demise of File Sharing

“LimeWire is used by 58% of people who download music using a so called peer to peer networks” (Smith, 1). LimeWire is a peer to peer (P2P) sharing website which allows “more than 200 million users worldwide” (Sheffner, 1) to upload and download music through file sharing, or “the ability to transmit files from one computer to another over a network, or the Internet” (Oxford Dictionary, 1). Essentially through the use of file sharing, people can use websites such as, LimeWire, to digitally transfer data back and forth between each others computers. LimeWire acts as the network for filing sharing, allowing its users to upload MP3’s to its network. LimeWire then stores the MP3’s for other users to come and download the data. Though to its users, free music sounds like a great deal, the music industry such as, music producers, record labels, and musicians feel as though they are being cheated of their profit. This is why many members of the music industry have such great criticism for this online file sharing websites, and work tediously to have these web addresses shut down. Due to the fact that the music industry views file sharing as copy right infringement, their are several things a member of corporate LimeWire could have done to prevent the future lawsuits against their company. LimeWire could still be in business today if they had attempted to work with the music industry to become a licensed service, which was not copyrighting other peoples work.

LimeWire LLC was initial released to the public on May 3, 2000, with two versions of the software, a basic version and an enhanced version. The basic version was free to all users, whereas the enhanced version was sold for a fee of “$21.95 with 6 months of updates, or $34.95 with 1 year of updates” (LimeWire, 1). The only difference between the basic and enhanced is the enhanced version had faster downloads, along...

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