Lilybank Lodge Case Study

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Zotos Dimitrios 18/5/04 Case 7 The market segment Lilybank Lodge is targeting at mostly consists of upper classes, very wealthy people. Most of the potential customers are well known people, who have problems spending some time off without different kind of people (press, fans) intervening with their lives. Most of them are also more likely to be foreigners, than New Zealanders, because there can’t be so many people belonging to that target group in such a scarcely populated country and those who are, most probably have some vast property of their own. Because of the financial and social status of the target group, the company should expect some major demands from them regarding quality and reliability, as well as a wide range of services, things for which they are capable and willing to pay. One thing that is most certain the clientele will expect is the highest possible privacy, without that meaning the customers should be “locked away”, something absolutely achieved thanks to the vastness of the lodge area and the wide range of outdoor activities. Of course all these expectations oblige the lodge to function under certain conditions and limits, regarding the amount of clients undertaken through the year, the level and experience, therefore cost, of the employees working there and of course generally the cost and quality of the equipment, the facilities and the supplies. All these, imply to the profit margin of the company, as well as the level of responsibility towards their customers. Finally, all these conditions lead to limited promotion capabilities. Considering the latter, the company has great difficulties undertaking a market research, since the nature of her clientele is such that doesn’t give many options when it comes to such actions. The potential customers aren’t likely the people to give so willingly info considering a subject

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