Lily Owens, the Dynamic Character

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Manny Singh Ms. Oleksyshyn ENG2D1-04 27 November 2013 Lily Owens, The Dynamic Character "One is not born but rather becomes a women" -Simone De Beauvoir. Lily is a dynamic character as she grows and develops from life changing events after her 14th birthday. Sue Monk Kidd's, The Secret Life Of Bees is a New York Times bestseller fiction. Lily Owens is a young girl who lives in 1964 and goes through life fighting obstacles from her scurrilous father to the hole left in her heart by her mysteriously death of her mother. She goes on a life changing excursion to make sense of her difficult predicament. She matures and becomes the woman she is at the end of the novel through her relationship with T. Ray, experiences with racism, and internal struggles. Due to her loathsome relationship with her father T. Ray, the protagonist Lily drastically changed into a more independent and confident woman. Lily has finally built up the courage to leave her abusive father when she thought, "I knew exactly what I had to do-leave. I had to get away from T. Ray" (Kidd 41). Evidently, Lily has finally had enough of T. Ray and decides to leave him. This allows her to go on her true life journey and make decisions for herself. Another way Lily has grown is when she stands up strong and confident at her final confrontation with T. Ray than scared as usual when she told T. Ray, " ‘I'm staying here’...‘I'm not leaving’ " (296). Lily has been frightened from T. Ray her whole life and listened to every last one of his demands but finally does what she wants. She gains the courage to disagree with T. Ray and for once say what is truly on her mind than hiding her thoughts. T. Ray and Lily never had a loving relationship but with all the disputes it lead to Lily prospering into a young freewheeling and sanguine lady. Through the experiences Lily has with racial discrimination and universal

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