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Foundation Degree Events Management Event Planning and Procedures Tutor: - Jean Metcalfe Event Legislation and risk assessment Lilly Jordan 14th March 2011 Contents Page Introduction 1 Initial Plan 2 Venue selection 3 Event legislation 4 Conclusion 5 Appendices 6 Bibliography 7 Introduction Using the example of a taster day for undergraduate students wishing to study Events Management at Blackpool and the Fylde College, this case study aims to identify and discuss relevant legislation and will assess the risks associated with events management in the UK. It will demonstrate awareness of the criteria used for the venue selection of this event and will also include a relevant detailed risk assessment. Initial Plan Pre-planning A meeting will be held prior to the event to give Hospitality and events management tutors the chance to volunteer to take part in the taster day. A brief description of the day’s activities and a draft timetable will be presented to the course tutors and any members of staff interested in taking part. A short overview will be given on the day’s aims and objectives along with the chosen venue, risks associated with this venue and a rough estimate of the number of expected attendee’s. Event: Taster Day for potential undergraduates wishing to study FD Events Management Date of Event: Tuesday 5th April 2011 Location: Classroom S110 Start Time: 09:30am End Time: 15:00pm Main Contact: Lilly Jordan Timetable 9:00am: Staff briefing, brief overview of objectives, the timetable, and risk management and assessment. 9:30am: Potential Undergraduates arrive and are seated, cold refreshments made available. Icebreakers and introductions e.g. Names, schools colleges. 10:30am: Introduction to Events Management, (what is events

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