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Web browser vendors: IE internet explorer Safari Chrome Opera client-side: client-side scripts are embedded on the client’s web page and processed on the client’s internet browser. Faster response times, a more interactive application, less overhead 经费 on the web server. Advantages 1) Validation can occur as the form elements are completed and before the form data is submitted to the server. 2) Functionality does not require any server-side scripting. 3) Enhance the user experience by responding quickly at the user level. 4) Error recovery mechanism is quite simple as it guide the user while filling up the form and ensures the user has filled the required fields with valid data. 5) A client-side input validation check can improve application performance by catching malformed input on the client and, therefore, saving a round-trip to the server. Disadvantages 1) User can alter or bypass the client side validation easily. 2) Client side validation cannot protect your application from malicious attacks on your server and database. 3) Do not rely on JavaScript to enforce security decisions as it can be disabled in client’s browser. 4) No Security! server-side: disadvantage is the page postback. It can introduce processing overhead that can decrease performance and the user to wait for the page to be processed and recreated. Advantages 1) No such scripting language is used which can be disabled in the user’s browser. 2) The complete information can be submitted without interruptions of error recovery warnings and messages. 3) Secure! Disadvantages 1) Need to validate all form fields in order to limit the number of request-response life-cycles. 2) Server-side processing code needs to re-render the page in order to display the error messages. 3) More response time, therefore poor user experience. HTML: html is a markup language. for

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