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Lil Wayne Vs Rick Ross Essay

  • Submitted by: Mgrant
  • on April 4, 2012
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Adonius Shelby
Mrs. Baker
March 19, 2012
IDS 180

Compares Paper (Lil Wayne vs. Rick Ross)
In the music industry today Rick Ross is a better artist all around compared to Lil Wayne. In the rap world both of these artist are doing fairly well, but one is doing better than the other. After researching I founded that Rick Ross was a better artist. I founded this to be true because he holds a good image, he spends his money wisely and more of his music is selling.
For instance Lil Wayne is known as an entertainer / lyricist who write his music based off of his real life experience and things that will entertain people. This just so happens to be money, cars, clothes, drugs, jail experiences, etc. Rick Ross uses similar tactics when it comes to his music, but his music isn’t so based on the everyday thug who’s trying to make it. Lil Wayne is that hype entertainer who can make you laugh or keep you highly entertained from the things he says. Rick Ross is that rapper whom is more serious, he’s all about business .Unlike Lil Wayne, and Rick Ross Hasn’t had any jail visits. In fact he used to be a cop. He keeps his self away from the drug and weapon scandals.
Rick Ross like many artist buy the necessities but he does spend his money wisely. Unlike Lil Wayne, who spends his time buying unnecessary cars, drugs, guns and all other unnecessary things. Rick Ross has a bad heart and he puts his money into charities that cater to people who also have the same problem. Though Lil Wayne is known to be unwise with his spending habits, he makes sure that he takes care of his teenage daughter. He also gave back to his home town New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina. Lil Wayne is also making sure his daughter is getting a great education.
Rick Ross is selling more music then Lil Wayne. This is because Lil Wayne has yet to change his image, while Rick Ross is trying new and fresh things to stay at the top of the music industry. Though Lil Wayne is at the top of the music...

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