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Alright so the dude Lil Wayne just came out with that new album, Tha Carter IV. And I dunno if you listened to it or not, but the album was straight trash. This album is so worthless that I almost contacted Pirate Bay and asked for the time I spent downloading it back. I don’t even know why I downloaded it, because really, what was I expecting? Lil Wayne is way past his prime. Carter I: dope. Carter II: a little less dope. And Carter III: had it’s moments. This dude should have retired a while ago. Wayne thinks that he IS hip hop. Anybody who thinks they ARE hip hop, is obviously NOT hip hop. You can just tell by the way that he raps and carries himself that he thinks he is the shit when it comes to hip hop music. And maybe he…show more content…
Well, that’s not exactly true. He is having a great career. But only by riding the curtails of one of the game’s “greatest.” My question is: when the wake that you’re sailing in is polluted with dead catfish, is that really the wake you wanna be behind? Not me. Dead catfish smell gross. But anywho, Drake sucks too and the fact that Lil Wayne is so constantly on his tip makes me sick and should make you sick too. Drake would have been better off signing with MMG, and if you know me, then you know how serious of a statement that is. I HATE MMG (mainly cause of Rick Ross. uhhh!) almost as much as I hate getting my wisdom teeth out. But I digress. This isn’t about Maybach or Ross. This is about…show more content…
I think there are artists who use autotune just fine and anyway, it’s just too easy to go in on him for that. I’d much rather go in on him for his masterpiece, How to Love. This is the biggest piece of crap track I have ever heard by any artist in my entire life. And that’s saying something after Wiz’s Fly Solo. This song makes me think of Wayne in a totally new way. First he was a deusch bag rapper who I didn’t like. Now, he’s a deusch bag rapper who sleeps with teddy bears and dances with butterflies…that I still don’t like. I swear Drake wrote this song. Or Lil Wayne is just that soft now. How to Love reminds me of being in Kindergarten when I would scrape my knee and my mom would kiss it and tell me everything would be okay. How to Love is so sweet that I got a cavity listening to it. Whatever though, he obviously just wanted a super mainstream song on

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