Like Water for Chocolate

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Brian Kwong WL201 Charles Pace 10/23/2013 Reading Journal #2: Esquivel’s Like Water for Chocolate In Esquivels novel “Like Water for Chocolate” each chapter is introduced with a different type of food that relates to its respective chapter. Specifically, Chapter Two explains the ingredients for making a wedding cake as well as the filling, which is made with “150 grams of apricot paste” and “150 grams of granulated sugar” is closely linked with Tita’s memory of “the afternoon they made the marmalade”. This illustrates that there is a strong connection between food and memory in this novel. Food as a means of communication is a common and important theme in this novel as it connects Tita’s food to her emotions. For example, the apricot paste communicates her passion for Pedro; on the other hand the whiteness of the granulated sugar makes her feel the emptiness cause from her sister. Cooking is part of the everyday thing, a quotidian for people like Tita who is forced to do house work and cook for her family. Esquivel uses this to emphasise the fantastical with the real. In other words, the food is a symbol for what is real in a way that emotions of Tita can be felt from just eating her food. I think that food and memory are interconnected at all times in our lives. In the recipes that our parents pass down to us from past generation symbolise a certain piece of history. Similar to the recipes in the novel, we can see that it is a piece of history past down from her elders. During the holidays and I get a chance to go back home and meet with either my family or friends, talking about food always brings back thoughts and nostalgic memories. The food might not be the best but, it’s the people you eat the food with that make it very enjoyable and make you share a connection with another
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