Like Mother Like Daughter

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Virtually everyone has someone that they admire in their life. Some of my friends admire people such as celebrities or professional athletes. The person I admire most is not famous nor someone wealthy. I have saved my admiration for my mother. She is loving, supportive, dependable and strong and the most amazing woman I know. First and foremost, I worship the ground my mother walks on because I know that I can always depend on her no matter what curve ball or challenge is thrown my way. I remember when I got into a fatal car accident and suffered with s broken leg. I was put into a hard cast for three months and was unable to complete all my daily day-to-day activities, such as getting a shower or being able to walk to the bathroom. If I did not have my mother to depend on to get me through the hardest time in my life I would not be where I am today. Secondly, my mother is the most supportive person I know. I have been out of high school for six years now, but she has consistently encouraged me to go back to school to make something of myself. Growing up through my high school years I have always dreamed of being a labor and delivery nurse. Within the past year she has been very supportive with getting me back in school. Had she not been so supportive of my desire to go back to school, I would not be here writing this paper. Of all the great qualities that my mother possesses, the greatest of all is love. She is a loving wife and most importantly the most loving parent I know. She puts my brother and I before her self and never complains at all. She gives her children all the love a mother could possibly give to her child and for that I am thankful. As the years go on and there comes a time in my life in which I decide to bring my own child in the world I hope to follow in her footsteps and provide the same love for my children. Finally,

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