Like a Star

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Robert Frost's poem, “Choose Something Like a Star” and John Keat's literary work,“Bright Star” share a common subject, but convey altered messages that are displayed through different and contradictory techniques.The theme in "Bright Star" is that when in love nothing is more beautiful than your lover. While the theme of "Choose Something Like a Star" is that humans need to be individuals. Both poets gaze for this same quality in the stars, but thematically and stylistically each poem has its similarities and differences. Both renowned poets, Keat and Frost agree that the star is abstracted from humanity as they know it, however Keats takes a personal approach to the star, whereas Frost takes a scientific approach towards the star and tries to acquire from it for social reasons.“Bright Star” contains lofty, formal kinds of words such as “thou art” and “splendor hung aloft” to show reverence toward the star. Keat’s specific word choices also contribute to the theme of the poem that man wishes happiness would last forever. Keats describes the moving water as priest like, and the star as an "eremite". The narrator does not desire these qualities. He wants instead to be forever with his lover. The speaker uses the imagery of being "forever pillowed upon his fair loves breast" to portray his desire for an eternity with her. Robert Frost’s poem also addresses a star in the first fifteen lines, but the diction is informal. In plain, ordinary kinds of words, the speaker asks the star to “Say something to us that we can learn/By heart.” The speaker of this poem wants the star to tell the secret of its steadfastness or staunchness, instead of just wishing to be like the star. Then in the last ten lines, this poem adds a lesson. Although the star seems to give “little aid,” it teaches the talker “something in the end.” The speaker feels that just thinking of the

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