Like a Noob Essay

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The Sunway A-Level Scholarships 2012 is dedicated to the pursuit of excellence in academic and extra-curricular activities (ECA). It is based on academic merits and ECA performances of students sitting for the 2011 SPM examination. Facilities in sunway Our main campus comes complete with wireless access coverage (Wi-Fi) available 24-hour per day throughout the university building that covers classrooms, lecture halls, cafeteria, library, concourse and open areas that are conducive for student discussions, communications, eLearning and working on course assignments. We also provide sports facilities such as our Olympic-sized swimming pool, tennis, badminton and basketball courts, full-sized field for soccer, rugby and cricket as well as clubs and societies ranging from cultural and international, leisure and recreational to religious interest groups. We also value security and have, therefore set up a 24-hour Security and Auxiliary Police & Security personnel who are accorded full-fledged auxiliary police status. Specialized Labs and Library IT facilities In addition to the 2 main computer centers, there are 4 other specialized computer learning laboratories on campus such as the Integrated Language Lab, Performance and Media Lab, Network Lab, Telecommunications and Multimedia Labs. In the Library Multimedia Zone, more than 100 units of public PCs are open for students’ usage. WiFi internet access is also available in the Library area. Student access accounts and Wifi All registered students are given their own ID that enables them to access the campus’ computing facilities. This includes Internet access, Wifi access, and systems like iZone and eLearn. Student accounts also give access to facilities like scanning, photocopying and printing. Wifi internet access is available in all commons and public areas of the main campus building, and

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