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Having school wide competitions around the United States will be a great way to save water/energy especially in the areas where water needs to be saved the most; California. The purpose of this “competition” is to get all schools and students together to form competitions against each other on how much energy and water the schools can save. This is in hope of “changing behavior” around schools and to get all students somehow excited about the competition. It can teach students how their personal behaviors can help reduce the major droughts and save energy. What we can derive from this competition is: saving lots on SFSU energy bill, changing the behaviors of our students/resistant’s, raising awareness around schools on how to monitor and reduce our energy and water use.Building dashboards can be very useful/helpful for schools and even large companies. Dashboards are used to keep track of all energy use around buildings. It gives you live real time energy usage feedback that also allows you to turn on and off lights around building under one software. In the case of Oberlin, they had big time savings the help of students and the dashboard. It increases the energy conversation because it showed how much energy was being used, especially in certain areas, and the dashboard helped recognize what areas around campus were using the most energy. Including a dashboard at SFSU will help make our energy use more sustainable, locate high energy use areas and help save money on the energy bill. With making a school or company more energy efficient also comes with a lot of pros and cons; especially its short term affects rather than the long term benefits. Its cons can be very vast, depending of the school. Making the school more energy efficient can become very costly at first, such as hiring the right people, buying the equipment needed (bulbs, ballasts..etc), and if you the

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