Light and Truth Essay

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In the 1970’s my brother-in-law, Afton, gave me several pieces of paper, upon which was written in cursive, a wonderful analysis and understanding of “LIGHT AND TRUTH (URIM AND THUMMIN)”. Afton explained he heard Brother Iyring use this information for a talk given at Afton’s Sacrament Service. After the service Afton introduced himself to Brother Irying and thanked him for the wonderful talk he had given. Afton then asked Brother Irying if he could get a copy of the hand written text. Brother Irying cheerfully handed the hand written original to Afton and indicated he had no further use for it. A few days later I had time to read it. I was sure it had come from the renowned Physicist, Dr. Henry Irying from the University of Utah. I put the text in my personal treasure cove with the intention of distributing it to several people as moved upon by the Holy Ghost. I had read it three or more times and the originals were really in bad shape and barely readable, so I had the entire text typed by my Office Assistant. She unwittingly threw away the original cursive text. I had failed to tell her of the personal value I placed on it. I consider it a great loss. I do not remember giving away copies prior to now. I always intended to share this script with others and this is a slow start, but it is a start. I will send this typed version, along with this cover letter, to President Henry B. Irying, of The First Presidency of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints for his perusal. I would like to talk about this information after you have time to read it, and when you feel it appropriate. There were times I wanted to use this information in my High Priest Group Meeting, as a lesson topic, but never felt adequate to do so, and I never did receive a confirmation from the Holy Spirit that I should use it as I began preparing a lessons. I hope this is of
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