Light And Darkness Analysis

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“IN SEARCH OF” OLD TESTAMENT – SOLID FOUNDATION DR. WILLIAM EPPS Scripture quotations marked KJV are from the Holy Bible, King James Version (Authorized Version). First published in 1611. Quoted from the KJV Classic Reference Bible, Copyright © 1983 by The Zondervan Corporation. INTRODUCTION: OLD TESTAMENT From the beginning, God established order, and within the order, all things related to one another according to the way in which they are connected. The first thing God did, He Created Light, dispelling the inherent darkness. We have never seen darkness put light out of business, we are told light and darkness have no fellowship with each other, the nature of how the two relate, the purpose is showing how they contrast. Light and darkness illustrates the difference in good and evil, the children of God is Light, darkness is of the Devil. All…show more content…
The sixth seal covers a period of time from the 18th century to the coming of Jesus. The sixth seal covered both churches Philadelphia, and Laodicea. Look at the seventh seal, Revelation Chapter 8 verse 1, and there will be silence in Heaven for a space of half an hour. When He comes for His elect, all of the Heaven would be empty and silent, because all of the Angels are coming with Jesus to gather up His elect. Let us take a long look at Daniel Chapter 7 which is a parallel prophecy to Revelation, Chapter 13. Look at how Papacy was able to change God’s fourth Commandment from Saturday to Sunday, which is the first day of the week. God said remember the Seventh Day, and keep it Holy, those who worship Sunday have the mark of the beast and has profaned my Sabbath. Ezekiel 22:8. What Is Evangelism, And It Purpose It is a great opportunity that a person can share about JESUS to other people, who know Him not in the pardon of their sins, it purpose is to lead people into a personal relationship with

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