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2488 Words10 Pages Fijian village life On a Think Pacific volunteer expedition to Fiji, you are about to sample a way of life that few people will ever be fortunate enough to see as you live at the heart of a remote and traditional Fijian village. Our projects are based on remote islands, completely cut off to tourism in the beautiful Lomaiviti Province of Fiji. Here you will experience traditional island life as you are introduced to the unique Fijian culture and customs and welcomed to the villages with a warmth and kindness greater than you could imagine. Village life in Fiji Arriving into your Fijian village is the most exciting day of the expedition. Each team visits a different community to complete the project objectives. The communities are so incredibly excited for your arrival that the entire village will gather to greet you from the boats and welcome you into their traditional island village. By the time you depart from your project, you will feel like you have a second home at this tiny community. During your time in the village take this opportunity with both hands! Immerse yourself into every aspect of Fijian life and see the country through the eyes of the local people. Take an active interest in Fijian customs, culture, values and traditions. Throw yourself wholeheartedly into the Fijian village experience, and you'll get so much back and make so many amazing friends. 'Kaiviti lifestyle' Fijian life is incredibly communal and friendly. The entire village live and work together. Fijians farm together, maintaining crop plantations which feed the whole village. They fish together, later dividing their catch, and families will all come together in the evenings to play cards, strum the guitar, chat and dance the night away as they drink Kava. Weekends in the village are 'family time'

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