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Life Style & Dress Code Life means living not only for the sake of living but living for the benefits of other persons who are very unfortunate to have the best things in life namely food clothing and shelter. When one mention school, even the tiniest morsel is good enough for the B.P.L families. Shelter, of course varies from an ordinary piece of cloth over the head to tin sheets, tiled roofs, huts to bungalows, low rises, high rises, and clusters etc, etc. Through out the world one can find all types of places to stay and wherever man has formed a home, he has been comfortably well off. Absolutely, it is with no tension of the changes of weather. But clothes! It becomes different story and what a difference! Whatever one may eat where ever one may stay, it is the clothes that have to be worn everyday, nay every hour or perhaps every half hour. Clothes have to be worn for (1) to impress peers, (2) to schools, colleges or offices, (3) Official or non official parties, (4) to festivities, inaugurations and what not. If there were no clothes there would be no style issues and vise versa. Right from the beggars at every nook and corner, to the multi rich everyone is bothered about the clothes that they wear. Everyone wants to have the latest fashions if not just to keep up with the joneses. One must possess the same thing. Like they say neighbor’s enemy, owners pride. But the question that a person faces is that the clothes one wears in the latest fashions, the latest styles is it good for ones life? We all prefer to imitate film stars right from the shoes & socks to the perfumes, powders etc. and the life style of living. It seems that no one remembers the old adage “all that glitters is not Gold”. One fine day all these styles will be forgotten and one will be left with only bitter memories. Our great ancestors gave us a dress code for our

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