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Lifespan Development And Personality Paper

  • Submitted by: seansomeone
  • on March 21, 2011
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Life Span Development and Personality Paper

University of Phoenix

      Many arguments surrounding psychological development often touch along the subject of nature vs. nurture and the psychological stages of development. The way a person develops psychologically depends on many different factors, often times involving parental upbringing coupled with the person’s environment. It is considered that a balance of the both with develop a person that is both psychologically and morally sound. By taking a simple look around at ones peers, and random everyday strangers you begin to notice that not everyone was raised within the confines of this balance. Every person is different, and some are far different that others.
Edward Theodore Gein is an exciting example of how a disruption in the balance of psychological development can cause a person to develop into in unstable individual. Ed Gein grew up as the youngest of two to George and Augusta Gein. George was a violent and alcoholic father who had trouble maintaining a job. Augusta on the other hand is described as being domineering, highly religious, and an extremist towards anti-sexual behavior. Edward was raised being taught that sex was strictly for reproductive purposes and most, if not all aside from his mother, women were whores and partook in sexually deviant activities. When she caught Ed masturbating in the bath she poured scalding water on him. As an adolescent, Gein who never grew any larger than, 5’8” weighing in at 140 pounds was bashful, and effeminate. He never had a relationship and associated natural sexual feelings with shame. (Kari Sable Burns 1994-2006) Actions like this at home would cause a person like Ed Gein to seek balanced behavior in his environment or social groups. Ed’s mother forbade him from having friends and this only fueled his spiral into the vast mental disorders he’ll experience later in life from his mother pressing her own personal morals and ideas on him.
After Gein’s...

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