Lifespan & Development Essay

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Karla Millikin Psychology 41 April 16, 2014 Midterm Chapter 1 4. What does it mean to say that development is multicontextual? Development takes place within many different contexts, physical surroundings climate, noise, population and density. Family systems such as married couples, single parent, cohabitating couples and extended families. Using the eco-systems approach there are three levels that surround individuals and affect them. Each person is affected by interactions among overlapping systems. Microsystems which consist of a person’s immediate surroundings (family, peer group) in addition there are Exosystems are local institutions such as school, church. Macrosystems is the larger of the social setting: cultural values, economic policies, and political processes. The exosystem is a major part of my life today which includes my Christian values, shopping, education, medical care, work etc.; Socioeconomic status (SES) a person’s position in society as determined by income, wealth, occupation, education and place of residence. 8. Give an example of social construction. Why is it a construction not a fact? Social construction is a concept or idea that is based on shared beliefs and not necessarily fact. An example of social construction would be how today’s black women are wearing expensive costly weaves in order to change the appearance of their own naturally kinky hair. The ideal is the longer more silky and curly the hairstyle makes you more appealing and fits into society’s norms of what constitutes beauty. 10. What is the difference between race and ethnicity? Race is a group regarded as distinct from other groups on the basis of physical appearance mainly by skin color. Ethnicity is a social construction affected by the social context and not a direct outcome of biology. 12. What is the difference between genetics and epigenetics? Every trait

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