Lifespan Development Essay

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Lifespan Development Lora W. Woodard Psy 375 1/30/2012 Lifespan Development Lifespan is considered the time between a beings being conceived until death. Lifespan developments are the changes a person goes through as they live their life and how they develop as a person during this time. Piaget and Freud, to name only two; had very different theories about lifespan development. Freud was of the idea that development was based on id, superego, and ego whereas Piaget’s opinion was that of a more cognitive nature; that development occurs through the course of a person’s life. Nature and nurture should be considered as more than perspectives as these can play a fundamental role as to who a person will become. Lifespan development continues from conception to death through development and growth. The relationship of human development is a lifelong one. Theories of lifespan development can be seen in the works of Piaget and Freud. What is Lifespan Development? As stated earlier, the lifespan is considered to encompass time from the moment of conception as it begins in the womb until the death of the person, whenever that may be. Scientists study human development in order to understand how human beings can, will or may change numerous times throughout their lives (Berger, 2008). These inevitable changes that a person will go through as they grow can be steady, predictable, linear-gradual but will generally be none of these mentioned. The common stages of the lifespan are birth, infancy, adolescence, adulthood, old age and lastly, death. It is imperative, in order to truly define lifespan development that we mention how beings learn to work, speak, love and learn from relationships. Each of these occurrences or happenings attribute to the perspective of development. Lifespan Perspective of Development The relationship between human development and the lifespan

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