Lifes Bittersweet Essay

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Life’s Bittersweet Have you ever had the happiest night of your life? Ever skipped rocks on the water with a flashlight as your guiding light? Memories fill my mind, some fantastic and some I wish I did not find. Happiness comes your way in so many forms, some just at the end of the tracks. Some are days and even years back. What keeps you moving forward through the thick and thin? Is it the thoughts of the ones you love, or is it the warmth from the Lord above? For me it’s both, I am one that likes to be held tight through the night, I am one that will never give up, no matter the fight. I will give to the ones that surround me before I will give a thought to myself. Have you ever stood at the water’s edge and let the oceans mist kiss your face? Ever lie down in the snow and let all your troubles go? A path that is predestined from the start of time, a moment where every thought has a rhyme. Do I turn left and forget about the right, do I run from my fears and stay frightened at night? Stay focused on the goals that burn inside your heart; make the right decision from the start. Ever wonder what tomorrow will bring? Ever dream when the sun is high in the sky, ever wish you could just live your life as the kid you were once met to be? Ever dream all your responsibilities would wash away? Have you ever wished you could go back and change how a situation in your life played out? I Have............... ************* “This is the best summer ever!” Courtney screamed while coming up for another breath then plunging back into the cool milky water of Lake Tapps. “It sure is!” Ashley couldn’t say it fast enough, Courtney was already well beneath the surface. The two girls continued to swim for hours. Between the waterslide, the high dive, and all the sexy shirtless guys around, they were completely satisfied. Courtney’s head popped back out of the water. “It

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