Life You Save

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The Life You Save May Be Your Own The Story “The Life You Save May Be Your Own” is a story about three different characters, who all had different personalities of life. One character a man named Mr.Shiftlet. Mr.Shiftlet was an old handi-capped one armed man, who had no friends, and barely had a life, he took into consideration of these two ladies sitting on the porch in an old rusted gate to try to make something of the two. He also was a man who exploited the weakness of the women character in the story named Lucynell Carter , both the mother and the daughter., he manipulated her with his conniving ways of deceit, and his false lies. He made her believe that he was a man of character, he manipulated her into believing that he was trustworthy and that she could place her most precious gift from life into his hands. But also was a honest man, from the beginning he told the mother that he was a tramp, whos she to believe otherwise? Mr.Shiftleft was also an interesting character, he showed that he wanted happiness and he was willing to take what ever that was being offered to fulfil his needs. All he wanted really from jump was the car. That was the first thing he noticed, that also was the reason for him approaching the house in the first place. Along the way he began to offer other services such as being a handy-man, and being able to fix up the old raggedy car. The other character the mother Lucynell Carter was a very interesting character . The way she was so willing to allow a stranger in her house, just to use him at her own advantage, she used him as a sort of an experiment, experimented on how well he was with his hands, experimented on how well he would be with her daughter Lucynell Carter, who by the way only has the mental capacity of a 15 year old when in reality she’s 32, so how would that have benefited the daughter in anyway? The mother
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