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A DAY IN LIFE WITHOUT TECHNOLOGY A day spent without any form of technology is a day lost. Before I go further, let me explain the term “technology”. In the simplest of terms, technology means the application of scientific knowledge to practical problems. Now, that definition seems very broad as it encompasses virtually everything manmade from furniture to clothing; vehicles to electricity, thus, it is practically impossible to live without any form of technology for a day (except one lives alone on a mountain of course). So, for the purposes of this article, I’m going to limit the term technology to only electronic devices. Such devices include telephones, tablet computers, notebooks and desktops, televisions, radios, music players and many more such devices. From the definition of technology above, we learn that technology is used to solve practical problems. It is very important that we recognise that technology is used to address practical real-life problems. There is a common misconception that technology provides us with luxury items that are not necessarily needed for day-to-day human activities. This is simply not true. The electronic devices I listed above have numerous functions and are necessary for communication, education, information dissemination, entertainment, commerce, healthcare and much more. In order to buttress the importance of technology, let us imagine a day in life without technology. So, let us imagine a life in the day of Tope (who has had a bet with his friend that he can do without any contact with any form of technology for a full day). Tope is a trader – obviously, it is much easier for a trader than a white-collar worker to do without technology – who deals in furniture. Tope gets up without the aid of an alarm at about 6:50am. He says his prayers, does a little exercise, brushes his teeth and takes his bath. He deliberately

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