Life with Out Technology Essay

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Life without technology: Could you imagine a world without phones, Wi-Fi, computers, IPods, TV and so much more? Good Morning/Good Afternoon my fellow class mates and my respected teacher today I’ll be talking about how life would be if we had no technology. Well to start off with technology is something some kids spend most of their time on every day after school and has a major impact on our lives. It is also something that not only kids use but most adults use technology as well. Have you ever wondered how life would be if we had no technology? Well it wouldn’t be the best because everyone knows that technology is something that some people spend a lot of time on every day and it’s also something that can tell us a lot for example, if we want to know the time, the date, set an alarm, or even check the weather. A lot of people also love watching their favourite episodes of their favourite shows and without TV people wouldn’t be able to do so. While most people are watching TV they could also flick through the channels and find one were they’ve learnt something that they never knew before therefore TV can be helpful at most times as well. TV is something that attracts all ages as it occupies little kids and entertains older people. The internet is one of the major resources that we use daily. We can use the internet to help us find information for things like assignments, essays, speeches, and many more. Now, think of the world without the internet we wouldn’t be able to find our information as quickly as we do when using the internet. Now, there is something else that’s important that many of us use each and every day obviously our phones, ipods and our computers many of us like to play games on these types of technology. If we didn’t have technology that we use today like our phones, ipods and computers we wouldn’t be able to message friends, go

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