Life Was Better as a Kid

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Life was Better as a Kid By Chris Atou-Vieyra [Pictured Left] The author in Chicago, 1997. My mom handed me this photo one day and I couldn’t help but smile at the sight of a younger me. Grinning from ear to ear, I was instantly taken back, way back, when life was simpler; when the only worry you had was figuring out what you were going to be for Halloween. Life was better as a kid. Legos and toy cars filled my toy boxes, G.I. Joes were scattered all over my room, and the Power Rangers were my idols. As kids, we always want to grow up so fast and do the things we are told we cannot do and as young adults, we find ourselves yearning for any bit of innocence that we may still have. Growing up is not unexpected, but the reality is, it’s unwanted. Why is that we tend to smile and feel happiness upon the sight of a younger us? We are drawn back to those moments as kids, when playing with toys and reading Goosebumps was the most exhilarating times of our lives and realizing we missed out on our childhood. We miss the fun of no responsibilities and the fun of no stress because as we grow up, we enjoy getting older, but don’t appreciate the times we had then. As I look at my younger self in those fresh overalls, I come to the realization that life was better as a kid. Old memories fill my head and I reminisce the euphoria of my childhood. I remember my favorite breakfast as a kid. My mom always spoiled her baby boy and knew I loved scrambled eggs with hotdogs. She would chop the hot dogs into little chunks and cook them with eggs; the house always filled with the aroma of those delicious wieners. After she served me, a great big squirt of Heinz Ketchup all over my plate was the finishing touch to this glorious masterpiece. Now… I barely have time to remember to grab a granola bar before I’m off to school. I remember the only time I had seen my mom

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