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Living in a village Where you live is who you are but this is not true any more because of life difficulties that forces us to change a lot of things even our homes. I am from a village in Syria but I go there once a year for a day but I can tell that this day recover all the tiring days through out the year. Now if it is up to me I would choose living in a village. Life in villages might be quite picturesque as it is healthy, peaceful and strongly social. One of the important merits of living in a village is its healthy environment. Villages are full of trees which provide fresh air that refresh our bodies and brains as a healthy mind is in a healthy body. Moreover, villages got less pollution in it as they mostly have no factories and no cars because they are known to be small that people do not need transportation mediums. As a result, people walk when they want to go some where which keeps them fit and healthy. In addition, villages are known to be peaceful. Living in a village you will got to know nature. For example, in the morning you hear the sound of birds, chickens cows ... ETC. while at night you will hear the silence of the village because by the end of the day you will be tired enough to sleep as early as you can. Also, life in there is safer than that in the city as it is less crowded. So fewer crimes are happening in there which leads to a safe life where you will not have worries about your family and their safety. Nowadays, we lack strong relations because we are busy all the time but villages still have those strong relationships among people in it. Walking in a village, people will say hi to you even if they don not know you as they are very friendly, generous and helpful. Yet mostly you will get to know all the people living in there as homes are next to each other and people in there share every thing no matter how happy or sad it is. In my

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