The Life and The Uncanny Literary Works oF Edgar Allan Poe

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The Life and the Uncanny Literary Works of Edgar Allan Poe When giving thought and looking back on the many illustrious writers of the 1800’s it is uncommon to not mention Edgar Allan Poe. While many writers’ literary pieces are easy to classify and place in a specific genre, Edgar’s work was what one might call “weird”. Using this type of adjective suggests a personal opinion, but to understand his work you must in a sense understand him. As a young adult Poe developed his love for literature when at the University of Virginia he became an active member of The Jefferson Literary Society. Soon after, Poe began on a little volume of poetry and the more famous piece entitled “Tamerlane”. Along with this poem were many others including; Visits from the Dead, Evening Star, and Imitation. These works’ today are considered priceless. Almost impossible to find, but if so, one copy is worth approximately $200,000.00. Perhaps Edgar Allan Poe’s most famous piece of poetry would be “The Raven”. Poe exercised a new technique of “symbolism”. This was new for Poe because he was such a literal writer and rarely used metaphors. He would say what he wanted the reader to know and not have a concealed messaged. This poem depicts a man who feels desolate and lonely, longing for his love Lenore. There is a raven, however, which is there with him. It can be said when Poe writes his art, it is only written about loss. The Raven can only speak “Nevermore” dooming the man into the further abyss of unseemliness. We can only say we believe the Raven was there to bring companionship to the lonely soul but his constant quest for the remembrance of his past acquisitions one gives him peace as well. Using romantic topics but having a tragedy basis gave a new depiction of his poetry and were meant to symbolize “Mournful and never ending remembrance.”(Mournful and Never Ending

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