The Life and Times of Joe Bob Turner

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Joe Bob Turner, Joe Bob for short, is a very kind but also very dumb person. Joe Bob has horrible grammar and talks with hillbilly accent that helps support his bad grammar. He always talks in past tense even if he is talking about the future. His accent replaces all his I's with Y's and he holds all his S's and E's for a little longer than he should. Joe Bob also has the nasty habit of referring to himself in third person. Now Joe Bob, even though he's -as his Uncle Hubert would say- “a brick shy of a load”, he is a very good person. He always helps out were ever he can, even when he probably shouldn't. Every Thursday Joe Bob goes to the local dog shelter and gives every dog a special home treat made with love. He also stops on the highway for people who are having car trouble, even though he thinks a jack is a type of rabbit. As you can imagine Joe Bob is not much help. Besides his previous characteristics, Joe Bob has an unnatural obsession with pig wrestling. Joe Bob is from Arkansas and in Arkansas pig wrestling is huge. He loves the adrenaline rush of diving for a pig and catching it in mid-flight. That “rush” is why Joe Bob is ranked number one in the IPWA (International Pig Wrestling Association). He is even considered the father of modern pig wrestling technique. You can see all his records at the IPWA archives. If there was ever a good, dumb person in the world Joe Bob Turner would be that

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