Life Styles Inventory Results (Lis) Report

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My primary personal thinking style as shown in my circumplex is: Achievement, in which I placed in the 50th. The achievement scale measures a way of thinking that is highly associated with personal effectiveness. This style is described as the most constructive approach to work for many reasons. Achievers are motivated to succeed by their own values and beliefs. They know they can improve things, and do not hesitate to act on this knowledge. These individuals often possess the skills necessary for effective planning and problem-solving. Their ability to share responsibility, inspire others, and build confidence makes achievement-oriented people excellent leaders. My results were in the medium range which indicates that I probably have a healthy desire for achievement and tend to be confident in my own judgment and abilities. I am typically direct, honest, and consistently able to meet challenges, all of which can be effective in a leadership role. This style manifests into my personal and work life because I have always taken great pride in my personal and work achievements. For example, at the age of 23, as a single woman, I purchased a home on my own. I used my own money for the down payment and didn’t require the assistance of any co-signer. Another accomplishment (that I am extremely proud of) is that I was the very first in my family to graduate with a bachelor’s degree and now, the first that is pursuing a master’s degree. One recent example as to how the achievement style manifests into my work life occurred during the first event that I ever hosted with the company Diamond Resorts, yielded record-breaking sales for the resort. Not only did my first event result in record-breaking sales volume, I also received roses from guests for being their host. According to the Director of Sales, this was also the first time guests had given roses to any coordinator. My

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