Life Story Essay

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There once was lived a king and queen in a faraway land. When the king was a prince he fought his enemy for his future kingdom. they said everyday if only we had a child. But for a long time they had none. One day a maid came to the queen and said I have found this magician who is an ogre. He name is Shrek he gives his customers medicines and spells. Then the king and queen went to the ogre’s house and the ogre said your wish will be fulfilled if you eat this medicine and the queen ate it. Then for a long time the queen was pregnant. One day she had this pain and the doctors of the kingdom took her to the hospital. The other day a baby boy was born who was looking like ogre. The child was not a human but an ogre. Then the king and queen named the boy Hennery. When peter was fifteen he was a warrior that the people of kingdom named him Hennery the lion. Hennery was a kind and helping poor people. Hennery wanted to be human because some people were scared of him. The only way is to kill the ogre who gave the medicine. Then the prince wanted all his army ready for battle. After that they all went to the ogre’s house, on the way to ogre’s house there was some bobby traps every were. One of the hennery guys said as long as we have you prince we can pass without and danger. They passed all the traps finally they got to the ogre and tided his hand and said turn me to human or else you die. Then the ogre gives a spell and hennery was turned to human. He was a handsome prince. They told the ogre do not do this again never ever from now on. Hennery went to the kingdom with proud with his army and when people were looking at him and they said who you are, but the prince did not answer. Three years later it was the age of hennery’s marriage. King and queen went to find a girl who is princess for their son. They found a girl who is from a faraway land who lived a

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