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Life Span Development and Personality Paper

  • Submitted by: bronson22
  • on November 5, 2012
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What forces have impacted Arnold Schwarzenegger from development of psychology? Arnold Schwarzenegger was born July 1947.   His parents gave him his strong will. His goal in life was to become a body builder and he did.   Mind is what helped Arnold to get through his workouts. Arnold also was very motivated as a kid and throughout his life. He didn’t follow the rules he made them. He was mentally strong. When he said he was going to do it, he did it. The things he accomplished like 7 time Mr. Universe for bodybuilding. He used psychology when he worked out by telling himself he was the best and motivating himself. He often used psychology on his opponents. He would mess with their minds while at the gym and during competitions. He had always told himself since he was fifteen that he wanted and would be a champion body builder. I think the biggest development was that he realized that using his mind in a way that would help his body, like a team, they both work with each other. He also had help from his workout partner who would help motivate him.
Influences of hereditary and environment on Arnolds psychological development was that he inherited good genes. He was a professional bodybuilder. I believe his environment motivated him to want more. He lived I Austria and then came to America wanting to fulfill his dreams and goals and America was the place to do that. The area of psychological development did Arnold go through I believe he went through them all and is still dealing with more to come. The big one is the one where he has to accept the fact that he is getting older and will never be able to look the way he did before. I think he goes through the 7 and 8 stages of Erik Erickson and he wonders if he could have accomplished more. I look at the only thing more he could accomplish would to become President which he can’t because he wasn’t born in the U.S. Morals were that he really was a rule breaker and a person to work hard and not give up on things and to...

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