Life Span Development and Personality Paper

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Life Span Development and Personality Paper Life Span Development and Personality Paper Elvis Presley was one of the most famous Rock and Roll/ blues singers in history. He was known as the “King of Rock and Roll.” Even after his death many are still fans of his music. If we take a look at his life from the perspective of developmental psychology, there are many factors that impacted his life, such as growing up poor, the environment he grew up in, his relationship with his mother, being drafted into the army, and many more experiences that will be discussed later on. All these changes in Presley’s life affected him in many ways of psychological development. He was affected emotionally, environmentally, and socially. In this paper we will look at the life-span development of Elvis Presley and the impacts it had on his life. Elvis Presley Elvis Presley was born on January 8, 1935 in East Tupelo, Mississippi. He had a twin brother born 35 minutes before him named Jesse Garon Presley. Jesse was a stillborn. Nothing states that Elvis was affected by the loss of his twin brother although it seemed to happen at a crucial time and there have been reporters to comment that Elvis felt as though something was missing from his life. For Elvis growing up as an only child he had a close relationship with both his parents and an even tighter bond with his mother. When looking at the relationship Elvis had with his parents, which is a very important part in social development, we look at attachment. Social development is an individual’s change in interpersonal thoughts, feelings, and behavior (Kowalski & Westen, 2009). Attachment is the enduring affectionate ties that children form with their primary caregivers, which later becomes the basis for later love relationships (Kowalski & Westen, 2009, p.481, para 3). Kowalski and Westen (2009) stated that when and
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