Life Span Development and Personality

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Life Span Development and Personality PSY/300 General Psychology Life Span Development and Personality The person that I decide to write about this week is Kobe Bryant. Everyone knows him as a Five time NBA champion, a most valuable player, an all-star with the basketball I.Q. of a Stephen Hawkins, but what everyone does not know about Mr. Kobe Bryant is what made him develop in to the superstar he is today. This paper will discuss the influences of heredity and environment on Kobe Bryant’s psychological development, the social support system that influenced his developmental growth and adjustments, and two different theories of personality that apply to him and how each theory explains his unique traits and the theoretical approach that best explains Kobe Bryant’s behaviors and achievements. Kobe Bryant was born third out of three siblings the only boy out of the three Kobe’s Father was ecstatic. Kobe Bryant’s father was an NBA Basketball Player by the name of Joe Bryant. Kobe grew up “eating, sleeping, and breathing basketball” ("Jockbio", 2010). During his father’s career he was traded to the San Diego Clippers where Kobe Bryant was able to experience the benefits of Sunny California. He would stay outside dribbling the basketball until his parents made him come inside. So based off of the behavioral perspective Kobe Bryant was learning these things from his environment. On his third birthday he was already telling everyone he was going to play in the NBA. Psychologically all Kobe has seen from the day he was born is Basketball so from day one he was being molded into a superstar. He would go to most of his father’s games and even do trick shots for the crowds during halftime. So through heredity it is most ideal for Kobe to become a basketball star. This had an influence on his morals and beliefs which accounted him for being an entertainer.

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