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Many psychological profiles have and are being done being on Adolph Hitler, because of the terror he caused on the Jewish race. What could possibly cause someone to have so much hate in them in order to do the things that he did. He in my opinion is a great person to do this specif assignment on. His reign of terror fits the time line an he is some one that has been looked at many times by different psychologist and I will also will give my own personal opinion. Adolph Hitler was born to Alois and Klara Hitler in small Austrian village in April 20, 1889 at Braunau Am Inn ( The History Pace, 1996). Adolph had an older sister and half brother Paula and Alois Jr. Alois would protect Adolph from the fathers criticism and demands. At 14 years old Alois Jr. ran away from home leaving Adolph to fend for himself. Alois Sr. was a strict father that required his children to do chores and work on the farm, education was not at the top of this list. Adolph was interested in art and his father wanted Adolph to be a civil servant just as his father was. As Adolph began to mature and become and adult Adolph and his father would get in to arrangements because they did not agree on how Adolph wanted to live his life. According to The History Pace (1996), “Hitler later said of himself that he was an argumentative little ring leader who liked to stay outside and hang around with ‘husky’ boys. His half brother Alois later described him as quick to anger and spoiled by his indulgent mother” (Hitler’s Boyhood, para. 12). Let's take a closer look at Hitler's family to determine if Adolph psychology is heredity or environmental influences. There were many in Adolph's family that suffered from mental illness. Adolph Hitler personal physical did not believe that Adolph suffered from any kind of mental illness, many psychologist and psychiatrists looked at the same documentation

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