Life As Seen Through A Teenager's Eyes

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Every day people wake up and follow the same routine. What if everyday were different? Teenagers are always rebelling in ways that seem to be disastrous for all parties concerned, if be in direct conflict with our relationships with others or our own health. The influence of the mass media has a lot to do with the current trend in which teenagers are engaging themselves in. Gone are the days when people used to do things old school; those were the times where social activities were not so much of a threat. Nowadays, fearing for ones life is common, children are scared to go out and play in the parks, just because some people think they are superior to others, just by one difference - weapons. What is the world coming to? Are we going to sit back and watch as our youths destroy what our forfathers worked so hard to achieve? Or are we gonna take a stand and save our little piece of shangri-la? I say that this is the time to step up because if we lie idle in the shadows of discomfort, we will lose out on the true beauty that this world has to offer. Life is the only thing that keeps us going, because without it, we are dust and nothing is possible of being accomplished. Growing up, children are always going to remember those painful memories of how they were mistreated by bullies and pranksters. It is our right to have a peaceful and safe childhood because there has been cases when the resentment is kept within and it erupts into a catastrofic event. Revenge is always on the table for such teenagers who think that by doing such a thing will give them peace. It is our responsibilty to make sure that every child is given the opportunity to give back to the community and ensure that our sanity is still intact, Source: Personal

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