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Life Priorities Every parent tends to struggle with managing on how to multi-task with balancing their family and work. By this, how can we learn how to prioritize our lives? In the stories Contents of a Dead Man’s Pocket, Double Daddy, and The Child’s view of Working Parents it all provides many different aspects of specifically how parents can find other solutions of handling life events. Such as in the story Contents of a Dead Man’s Pocket, it shows that Tom had lost something important for work. In the end, he had realized that work is not the main subject. From this point on, we know that handling life events is not an obstacle. If losing something is that important, how can we manage to get it back? In the short story, “Contents of the Dead Man’s Pocket” written by Jack Finney, it gives us an understanding of what life can bring us to when we would feel on a scale if losing something can ruin our lives, or being mainly focused on our loved ones. Tom Benecke has lost an important paper for work that had flown out the window. Later, once he had finally got his paper into his hands, he placed it on his desk for a quick moment to go search for his wife. The paper eventually flew out his window again. “Tom Benecke burst into laughter and then closed the door behind him.” (Finney, 16) Did the paper mean anything to Tom when it had flown out the window twice? No, he had realized that chasing papers will not make life any better. In Penny Parker’s newspaper article, “Double Daddy,” it is based on how fathers can improve their situation of becoming a better parent. In this generation were fathers live in today, most are typically stressed on dealing with work that is ‘powerful.’ “These men are saying. I’m working my tail off to get ahead, for the most part of my family, but I’m not spending time with my family. This doesn’t make sense.” (Parkers, 22) Fathers

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