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The Life Of Pi Essay

  • Submitted by: adamgartner
  • on February 1, 2009
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The Life of Pi begins in India, during the 1970’s which was a time of political unrest in India. The protagonist and his family are forced to leave India. His family owns a zoo, and they plan to take everything they own and move to Winnipeg, in Canada. The family packs animals and belongings onto a Japanese ship. The book comes to a sudden change when the ship the family is traveling on sinks off the coast of the Philippians.
Pi, is accompanied on the boat by an orangutan, a wounded zebra, a hyena, and a Royal Bengal Tiger, named Richard Parker. Nature begins to take its course, and eventually only Pi and the tiger are left on the boat. Pi establishes himself on the boat, and uses what knowledge he has from zoo keeping, to tame the tiger. Pi catches fish and turtles to feed the tiger and himself. Pi, becomes blind eventually due to a non-nutritious diet. During this instance in the voyage, he encounters another castaway. When the castaway attempts to board, Pi’s boat, with an intention on killing Pi, Richard Parker kills and eats the French man.  
After 277 days, Pi lands on the coast of Mexico. Richard Parker runs off the boat and into the jungle, never to be seen by Pi again. Pi is rescued by Japanese officials, who question him on his story of survival. He explains to them the story about Richard Parker and his voyage across the Atlantic and landing in Mexico. The Japanese officials are dissatisfied with this explanation, so Pi tells them an alternate explanation. We now learn the truth of his voyage, and that Pi was not accompanied by animals but humans, the ship's French chef, Pi's mother, and a wounded sailor. The Chef kills Pi’s mother and therefore Pi then kills the chef. The Japanese officials decide to take Pi’s original story.
The main character in this story is Pi. The alternate character or the antagonist is the Bengal Tiger, Richard Parker. Pi is very religious and works to incorporate Christianity, Islam, and Hinduism into his practices. When he...

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