Life Orgasmic Pleasures Essay

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Andrea Soualrie Engl 1301 Life's Orgasmic Pleasures There he is, frantically clutching a vine root protruding from a precipice--his only lifeline-dangling perilously over a chasm, a tiger waiting hungrily below him and another one, just as hungry, above. To make matters worse, two mice begine nibbling at the root, his only salvation, temporary though it is. With no salvation in site,what does he do in this desperately hopeless situation? Incredibly, he pluchks a conveient "luscious strawberry" growing nearby, pops it into his mouth, and savors its deliciousness, leaving readers a little bewildered--but not for long since the story's allegorical nature helps up figure out its lesson. Clearly, the parable sets up life in miniature form: one tiger keeps us moving forward; the other, death, cuts us off. Meanwhile, the Buddha says we should cling thightly to the present--that root--but at the same time be sensetive to the pleasures the world offers and enjoy them, the strawberries of life. But just in case we miss the point, the parable even specifies what those pleasures are because, when we carefully analyze that strawberry, we discover that the pleasures he refers to are not Las Vegas vacations, i-pads, condos, or even "that last cigarette"--those things that require money. Instead, the Buddha's strawberry represents the simple pleasures of life. An example of a few strawberries in my life would be for starters Family. The single Mother who holds her child close to her, protecting him only to know one day she will have to let go. The Granddaughter who has the same face of her grandmother when at the age of 22 years old. Even though she nods at the world and tells them she doesnt see it, she smiles in her mind, knowingly its true. The father who lets his daughter stand on his toes and dances with her while she plays dress up. Knowingly that this

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