Life of the Gnomes

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Life of the Gnomes Once upon a time, there lived at the very apex of the tallest mountain, a tribe of gnomes. Every gnome that ever lived was always misunderstood. When they are down around the other creatures that roamed the land, the gnomes were viewed as a very surly type. However, they in-fact lived their daily lives on the mountain very sprightly. Sadly, all the unicorns and pixies always felt perilously around the gnomes. The reason I suppose nobody wanted to give them a chance was because of the lifestyle the gnomes chose to live. It is well known throughout the forest that gnomes are very obstreperous and most of them are vagrants. Along with which all gnomes are very exorbitant in tirades that they often have. Gnomes just do not know how to carry on a normal conversation. Nor do they care what they look like. While unicorns spend many hours grooming themselves to look absolutely ravishing, gnomes meander around during the interim in their own shoddy apparel. Along with this, gnomes are very thievish. They will assimilate anything they come upon! I don’t know about you, but they aren’t the company I would like to have. Let alone the fact that gnomes are never pensive for anything. Life is one big joke for the gnomes. For example, at one point in time there came a huge overnight rainfall. Sadly, one of the pixies’ homes was inundated. While all the other creatures try to help out, what did the gnomes do? They spent the time playing hide and seek in the forest. But really, how can you expect anything else from such a mischievous and playful creature. This behavior often resulted in the other creatures spreading malign things about them. This doesn’t help them any in being more accepted. Now, most people never believe me when I tell this story, they often find it very bogus. I, however, find this a momentous story with a hidden message that is
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