Life of Stars Essay

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Life Cycle of Stars. When glazing at the night sky, have you ever wondered how those sprinkle of diamonds got there? Did you know that our sun is an adult star? Stars are believed to be significant elements of our universe. Of course it may look like everlasting substances in the dark atmosphere, but because of technology, it has allowed astronomers to take snapshots of the heavens to study, and now they have astonishing outcomes and we have a better sense about stars. Compared to a human, a star’s life journey is very extensive however from scientists studies, the stages can be viewed within the heavens. It takes billions of years for one stage to conclude so the other can start to begin. The pattern of stars are very comparable to the ways of life here on earth. Stars are born, they have an “adult period,” subsist several years, and then they die. Within these periods, there is a battle between the pressure of gas and the force of gravity which can be very exhilarating and unpredictable. In this essay, it will explain the different phases of a star in depth and how it affects earth as a whole. In the ancient era, people used to believe that stars had infinite life. To add the cream on the cake, the Greek philosopher Aristotle suggested that stars were made of a unique element that is not found on earth. Later after Aristotle’s era, astronomers have realized that like people, stars have limited lifespans. Stage 1 is said to be called the Pre-natal Stage. They are born from helium gas and hydrogen (which are the most common element on earth) and by shining they release a great deal of energy for billions of years. This mixture of hydrogen and helium creates a dense cloud called a Nebula. As the clump gets further compacted, it heats up, and starts to glow with infrared energy and then with light seeable to the eye. Those are called

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